Tron KaijuKingz officially gets listed on APENFT marketplace

Tron KaijuKingz announces its NFT collection official listing on the APENFT marketplace.

On May 25, the Tron KaijuKingz team made an official tweet to commemorate its listing on the Tron-based platform. Now buyers can buy Kingz NFT on the APENFT marketplace for only 150 TRX.

TronKaijukingz is officially listed on #APENFT marketplace

@apenftorg… Everyone can afford kingz for only 150 TRX.

Homepage to mint: #NFTGiveaways #ApeNDT #NFTs #NFTCommmunity

KaijuzKingz is an NFT project by Cyberkongz member and NFT holder OhDotsunder Augminted Labs. It is a Genesis collection of 3,333 Kaijuz designed in 69×69 pixel art. Each NFT has a unique rarity trait that makes it valuable or less valuable and gives the holder access to the Kaijuz ecosystem with the $RWASTE token.

It is a distinctive NFT collection that rose to popularity since its launch, and now it is officially part of the APENFT marketplace.

In partnership with Tron KaijuKingz, the buyers can now view the Genesis collection on the APENFT marketplace and buy an NFT through the native token TRX. This will not only benefit those who are already on the TRON blockchain but also make minting easier. APENFT is known to provide the best protection and high reliability with no transaction fees.

KaijuKingz is already listed on OpenSea, LooksRare, and Rarible, but the official listing on the APENFT marketplace is special as it opens doors for buyers and collectors on the TRON blockchain to experience the NFTs on an advanced and interactive platform.

According to the APENFT marketplace profile, Tron KaijuKingz has a total volume trade of 303.2K TRX with a floor price of 200 TRX. With its listing on the platform, the total volume trade is expected to increase more with time. As of now, only 200 items have been listed on the APENFT marketplace.

The APENFT marketplace logo is already displayed on the KaijuKingz website and anyone can view the collection on the platform. Check out the Tron KaijuKingz NFT collection:

For more updates on future collaborations with the APENFT marketplace, follow @Tronkaijukingz and @apenftorg on Twitter. Join the Telegram channel for the latest Tron KaijuKingz NFT drop.

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