Times Square Building Owner Stepped Into The Decentraland.

The Times Square building owner stepped into the Decentraland. He is planning to recreate a 26 story building in the heart of New york’s new year’s eve ball drop in Decentraland. The real-time square ball drop would allow only 15,000 people. However, they should follow SOPs and be vaccinated completely, as the covid-19 is increasing.

Times Square Building Owner Recreating Plan:

Jamestown the owner of one Times Square owner is planning to recreate a 26-floor tower at the heart of New York’s New Year’s Eve ball drop in Decentrland. On Wednesday, the company revealed the decision as a partnership with Digital currency group(DCG). The DCG is the long-term backer of Decentraland with huge holdings of MANA and LAND tokens. (DGC is the parent company of editorially independent coin desk)

Continuously, the price value of the virtual lands of the Metaverse games such as Decentraland, and the sandbox is increasing. which results in grabbing the attention and involvement of many real-world, real estate owners like Jamestown, possibly becoming a trend to watch.

The Real Times square ball drop would restrict to 15,000 thousand. As well as, with complete vaccination and social distancing cause of the increasing rate of covid-19 cases.

Only 58,000 people would cater at the event, and others can enjoy it over their tv screens.

The virtual one Times Square will span 170 parcels of Decentraland. And presenting the game’s first highest building

Meta Fest 2022:

The celebration is named Meta fest 2022. That will include Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art galleries, rooftop VIP lounges, virtual music performance, as per by press release. Also, the virtual billboards will tie the experience to the event’s meatspace counterparts by live streams of New York City.

Additionally, Jamestown and DCG knocked the metaverse companies GrowYourBase and MetaVenture Studios for construction purposes.

Further, Jamestown has not bet only on the Decentraland. The company is also after the app VYNE that offers different virtual spaces. Where you can explore New york’s tradition. VYNE launched last year successfully.

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We are building the most influential, trusted media platform for a global community engaged in the transformation of the financial system and the emerging NFT &

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