NFTStudio24 interview with ENCODE Graphics’ Pr1mal Cypher

ENCODE Graphics’ founder, Pr1mal Cypher shares his inspiration for building the first-ever crypto-born comic art publishing company. Read the NFTStudio24 interview.

ENCODE Graphics’ founder, Pr1mal Cypher

ENCODE Graphics’ founder and comic art creator, Pr1mal Cypher talks about the inspiration behind building a crypto comic art publishing company, artist collaborations, crypto world challenges, comic book series The Nexu5 & 2084, and future plans.

NFTStudio24 sat down with ENCODE Graphics’ founder and comic artist, Pr1mal Cypher to discuss comic art in the crypto scene.

ENCODE Graphics is an emerging NFT-based comic art publishing company led by PR1MAL CYPHER and PROTEU5 that incorporates the world of storytelling, comic art, and new technologies to generate NFTs only available for founders. The comics mainly center on futuristic themes, superheroes, action, and adventure. As a leading cryptoborn comic publisher in the NFT space, ENCODE Graphics hopes to empower new and veteran comic artists through its platform.

2084 is their main project for the company that centers around a futuristic dystopian theme featuring attractive characters and interactive scenes.

ENCODE Graphics just recently launched its comic series for The Nexu5. It is a collection of 8,888 unique avatars that compete against other avatars in the metaverse game. It is a new concept that has never been introduced before. Other projects by ENCODE Graphics are WIZ and MetaTales, which are also part of the futuristic universe.

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