NFTStudio24 Interview with AnimeFi’s Takamori Yuichi

NFTStudio24 presents an exclusive podcast interview with AnimeFi’s Takamori Yuichi. See all the details on the emerging Japanese Anime/Manga Web3 project.

Mr. Takamori Yuichi introduces AnimeFi, a brand-new Web3 project featuring original anime/manga characters and how it is different from other anime projects. Mr. Takamori also shared details of AnimeFi’s first collaboration project with GOZ: & Shinnosuke Uchida and future plans.

AnimeFi is the first-ever Japan-based Web3 project (yet to be titled) launching soon in the summer of this year. It is a unique project that integrates manga and anime into digital collectibles showcasing the true essence of original Japanese anime art. Through NFTs, this project hopes to create a decentralized world of manga where people can read, collect, and have ownership over their favorite anime characters.

NFTStudio24 interviewed Mr. Takamori Yuichi who deeply understands the vision behind the project. Recently, in Dubai Metacon 2022, Mr. Takamori presented AnimeFi and showcased some of the NFTs that will be part of the project.

His team also includes co-founders MASARU WAGA and Okaman, and the art team, Character Design Shinnosuke UCHIDA who has won the Newcomer’s Award for Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine and mostly focuses on manga live painting, Animator GOZ has been working on various anime projects for Sunrise, MAPPA, and Tezuka Productions. Her most recent work is “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba — The Movie: Mugen Train” released in 2021.

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