Imaginary Ape — Minting is Live

This is your chance to win a massive discount on the Exclusible Penthouse mint! But hurry up…! In just a few days, over 15.000 wallets have already registered, so secure your entry while you still can because the raffle will be closed soon!


About the drop

These virtual luxury penthouses appeal to high-profile, media-focused individuals, communities, and forward-thinking brands, and are ideal for both social and commercial events. Exclusible Luxury Penthouses’ owners can accommodate up to 50 guests at any given time. The state-of-the-art, design-led, 500sqm corresponding space feature a banquet suite-cum-reception room complete with lavish lifestyle themes such as a mid-century inspired bar cart and spinning turntable, screening room, bedroom and panoramic outdoor sky lounge outfitted with its own helipad and fully animated helicopter. These prime pieces of luxury real-estate offer a gallery facility whereby owners can showcase their NFT asset portfolio as artworks on the walls, rotating their collection at will to custom curate and personalise their environment. The screening room supports both prerecorded short films and live stream functionality, while the heliport will ultimately become a portal through which users could access digital exclusive events. The Exclusible Luxury Penthouses are imagined in three colour variations (Quartz, Ruby, Obsidian), and come in different panoramic views of global lifestyle locations including Paris, Miami, Vegas, Dubai, and New Caledonia. Such variations are minted in differing levels of rarity and assigned to buyers at random.


Innovative, intuitive and photorealistic, the Spatial Web3 platform helps individuals and brands to create and curate their own 3D spaces in the metaverse, to build and interact with their community and to share culture. Exclusible Luxury Penthouses represent the first luxury real estate offering on Spatial.

SLIMES are 9,888 fun-loving beings that have been cursed with a coating of supernatural slime by the corrupt wizard Pandorokus.

Time is running out as their deadly infection of ooze consumes their minds and bodies to eventual destruction into oblivion.

Unfortunately, some SLIMES are #NGMI unless you save them!

These NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain and each one is unique. Inspired by fantasy RPGs and pop culture references, SLIMES are generated from over 200 hand-drawn assets. Some are rarer than others!

SLIMES is an acronym for Silly Little Infected Magical Energy Superstars.

Your SLIMES NFT will allow you to:

(an additional retail value of $500+)

Unlike other projects that are struggling to create deep lore with their anxious communities, the creators of SLIMES have already structured out an exciting multi-year storyline!

Our artist Ardie Aquino is an award-winning comic book creator from the Philippines and our main focus is to create a powerful emotional attachment to the SLIMES characters through dramatic storytelling with NFTs — interactive art that can be designed to do things such as unlock hidden features at key narrative events or transform over time based on how long you have them stored in your wallet!

Agent1 is a “play-to-earn gaming” NFT, that renders its visuals based on the holders’ actions and wallet contents. It “polymorphs and grows” with each trade and transaction. Only a limited 10,001 exist, as holders’ merge them to form Super Agent1s.

Each holder is an investor and also gains access to the MetaVerse game, Moonland scheduled for Q2 2022 (see:

Rent, buy & sell lands. Play, earn tokens, and sell them for ETH and cash.

AAA graphics game waiting for you.

Morphing NFTs that change according to the contents of your wallet, your trades, and more. They are ALL TEXT graphic that is randomly generated, they start from TEXT and polymorphs multiple times before they become a 3D piece.

10,001 NFTs that are unique digital collectible programs running on the Ethereum blockchain. Changing forms as they move through your wallets. They start as the text you can copy and paste from your browser. Try it!

Minting is Live , Mint Price: 0.055 ETH

8888 Animated Imaginary Ape, the owner will automatically be granted membership access to our prestiges club. The members are not simply buying a rare piece of art. The members are buying into a prestiges club which has access to huge benefits and all membership benefits will keep accumulating over time. Your Imaginary Ape becomes your status, digital identity, and accumulating more digital opportunities for you.


We will allocate 20% of royalties to a community fund for marketing expenses, future giveaways, drops, events, Metaverse developments etc. Owners of Imaginary NFTs will get together and vote on how we should spend this money.


We will be making donations from royalties to different organizations in order to help make the world a better place.


The Imaginary Ape Club will be extended to the Sandbox Metaverse, where members will have access to buy a 3x3 land once the project is in the presale stage. This would allow us to collaborate with Sandbox and link to Opensea, which would bring more attention to our project. This land will be our HEADQUARTERS, where all the Imaginary Ape Family can meet together.


Events are exclusive for Imaginary Ape Club members only. Parties and masterminds will be organized with influential people related to crypto, NFTs, investing, real estate in popular locations such as Miami, NYC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc…Imaginary Ape Members will be able to vote on upcoming events.


A new collection? Creation of Imaginary Ape token with staking features? Metaverse Developments? We will let the community vote and decide.

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