From Snoop Dogg to Cristiano Ronaldo: The celebrity wave of NFTs

Celebrities from different industries are showing interest in NFTs. Bored Ape is the new high-culture and NFT collaboration drops are the fan service.

Celebrities from music, entertainment, sports, and internet media are now joining the NFT bandwagon. Since last year, many high-profile celebrities have bought Bored Ape, participated, collaborated, or invested in various NFT projects.

With the sudden yet gradual celebrity wave of NFTs, the fans are also adopting the digital craze. Here’s everything you need to know.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are irreplaceable digital assets that give proof of ownership to the buyer. The concept of NFTs isn’t new; rather it has always existed in various physical forms. Before only rich people could own a certain physical asset, which is why common people really didn’t care about ownership.

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