Cantina Royale collaborates with Elrond and Verko for its metaverse-based F2P, P2E game

Cantina Royale launches Verko payment on iOS, Android

As a leading GameFi, Cantina Royale utilizes the traditional model of free-to-play and Web3 model play-to-earn model together in one game. The game will be available on desktop and mobile devices, both iOS and Android, which is designed to maintain the blockchain ethos of interoperability.

Metaverse and F2P model

Cantina Royale will be mainly a metaverse-based blockchain-gaming platform that will employ F2P and P2E models together. This means users who aren’t interested in blockchain can just play the game without paying any hidden fee or wallet requirement, access in-app game modes, and compete with other F2P players in ranks.

Cantina Royale raises $4.5M funding

To make this game project a success, the Cantina Royale team held a funding round led by Elrond and Mechanism Capital and managed to raise around $4.5M in funds. Other contributing investors include Animoca Brands,, Skynet EGLD Capital, GBV Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Good Games Guild, Chingari, and more.

About Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale is a game developed by game designer Bojan, developer Paul Szanto, and a team of 15 professionals with many years of shared experience. Bojan has previously worked with Angry Mob Games for its projects including Predators, Alien vs. Predator, and Muffin Knight. He has also contributed to the virtual reality and Android console projects for Google, Valve, and Facebook. Szanto has a history of working at Angry Mob Games and Gameloft for important gaming projects. He is currently the head of engineering at Phenomenon Games.



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