verseBlockchain-Based Metaverse, Decentraland Arranged First Meta-Wedding Ceremony

Blockchain-Based Metaverse, Decentraland arranged First Meta- Wedding Ceremony. However, the Arizonian couple’s important day Ceremony in the virtual world doesn’t perform as expected.

This wedding ceremony was the first-ever virtual wedding so far. In which a phoenix couple becomes one with their virtual identities.

Amazingly, in the wedding ceremony of Metaverse Decentraland the witnesses, Supreme Court Justice officiant Clint Bolick, and virtual attendees of approx 2000 guests were present.

Further, the Rose law group was appointed by the pioneering couple, to lawfully formalize the wedding. The Rose Law group head and the president, Jordan Rose affirmed that it is the first wedding ceremony. That is arranged on a blockchain-based Metaverse, Decentraland.

On Which Virtual Estate The First Blockchain-Based Metaverse, Decentraland Meta Wedding Occurred?

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