Altcoin Roundup: 3 Emerging p2e Gaming Trends to Look for and Keep up in 2022

The emerging rise in blockchain trends is now fueling the play-to-earn P2E gaming sector. It had the pretty profitable year of 2021. And it is said to be

having the same due to the rapid investments this year. Many are thinking of what will be the new trends of 2022. This will set apart a whole new level for investors and gamers in the sector.

With many promising initiatives in the previous year, both the gaming and the blockchain industry are now waiting for something that can not only capitalize on the profit but act as a growth mechanism for the sector.

1. Profit-Sharing Model

With many games impacting the overall growth of the market in 2021. The recent trends in the sector are expected to bring growth and innovation. In 2022, multiple projects are seeking the opportunity to wield their potential in NFTs to create a profit-sharing model and capitalize on the prices.

This model is promising in terms of generating profits if someone is not playing a game to earn. Investors can also participate and provide NFTs for players who are unable to afford them. On the other hand, players will be able to earn rewards during gameplay and share the




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